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To share any content in a few clicks


Doc Reader

Get Together and share your documents, presentations and images!

Doc Reader lets you import your documents (.pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .doc, .docx...), spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .csv...) and images (.jpeg, .png...) from your computer or Dropbox. You can select pages and organize them beforehand with the Snapshot feature. Use this applications for your online meetings, trainings and webinars!

Try the application on a LiveStage!


  • As an Active Viewer

    You watch the documents shared in real time and you can interact by private and public chat or through social networks. You can turn your webcam and microphone on with the participants whose Bubbles touch yours.

  • As a Moderator

    You share the contents through the collaborative applications and the Snapshots. You can scroll and point important parts thanks to specific tools such as the cursor. You manage the chat and the livetweet thanks to the Highlight.

  • As a Speaker

    You are represented by a big Bubble showing that you can use the video conference features to be seen and heard by everyone.

How to start:

Select the Doc Reader application and start to share your documents and slideshows to facilitate your online meetings.

Snapshot function:

Be ready and get your content prepared beforehand: you can set a specific first page by saving it as a Snapshot. Have your slides ready to use at anytime, without losing any second. Stop wasting time, don’t make your audience wait and react to their comments with the right material while you are at it!

Mouse cursor function:

Help your audience follow what you are doing: you can focus on a specific area of interest. You just have to highlight the mouse pointer by clicking on “Share my mouse cursor”. Your demonstration will be clear and more understandable!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all the participants see the documents, slideshows and images at the exact same time as I do?

Yes, Glowbl is made to guarantee that anyone who is there with you sees the same content, exactly the same way and at the same time as you do.

2. How do I authorize other participants to control or select the contents?

You just need to give the right on the app.

3. How do I give rights to someone?

You just need to click on their Bubble or go to the LiveStage Administration.

4. How do I select the Doc Reader app on Glowbl?

It’s quick and easy. From the menu, you just need to click on “Applications” and the Doc Reader icon. The app is automatically integrated into your LiveStage.

5. How can I set a specific slide or page ?

Once your document is ready, go to the slide or page you want to save and click on the icon “Save the application state in my Snapshots”. The content will be stocked in “Snapshots” when you go back to "Applications and Snapshots" in the top bar. You’ll just have to select it when decided.

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