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Use cases

Get Together and create tailored digital events

NGO Events

Organize fundraising operations and charity events!

More than anywhere online, Glowbl is tailored to specifically address fundraising operations, just like in real life.

Create your LiveStage in a few clicks and livestream your physical event with the Broadcast app. Speak in real time with donors thanks to videoconference and follow the amount of money raised thanks to Paypal. Get unlimited audience by sharing the event via Twitter and LinkedIn!

Federate your audience and host a web TV! Why not organizing concerts and trying the Cambroadcast app to make a duplex interview with a special guest? Create a tweet wall for comments and questions. You can also play videos on Youtube and Vimeo, broadcast songs on Deezer and SoundCloud or display pictures thanks to Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

What a wonderful way to interact in real time with your donors!

About Glowbl

Get Together on Glowbl for all your online events!

Get Together in a click from the social networks or a web address to gather in real time unlimited participants around any kind of contents.
Set up your online events, engage your public and interact through videoconference!

You can share your documents, videos, pictures, presentations and music playlists via a large app store and social tools. Thanks to Glowbl, you turn any ditigal service into a collaborative experience, give it a try!