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Use cases

Get Together and create tailored digital events

Social TV

Turn your livestreams into social events!

More than anywhere online, Glowbl offers a large range of tools to engage your audience around your favorite streaming.

In just a few clicks, create your own LiveStage, brand your Social TV and share the dedicated URL by email to your friends or massively on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Use the applications Broadcast app to display live or replay videos such as concerts, TV shows or soccer games! Use the videoconference and the chat to comment in real-time, just like if you were in the same room. Everyone can synchronize their profiles and communicate with their communities.

Imagine a new way of being a community manager by defining an interactive screenplay to promote a show or a festival. Thanks to live tweet and a dedicated hashtag, answer questions and build buzz.

Feel Together! Give free rein to your imagination for a successful Social TV!

About Glowbl

Get Together on Glowbl for all your online events!

Get Together in a click from the social networks or a web address to gather in real time unlimited participants around any kind of contents.
Set up your online events, engage your public and interact through videoconference!

You can share your documents, videos, pictures, presentations and music playlists via a large app store and social tools. Thanks to Glowbl, you turn any ditigal service into a collaborative experience, give it a try!