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Terms and Privacy

In line with France’s data protection and freedom of information act of 6 January 1978 and with EU Directive 95/46 EC, Members are entitled to access, modify and remove personal data they have submitted to the website. To access this right, you can configure your User Profile settings.


So as to protect your personal data, Glowbl has endeavoured to establish a comprehensible, transparent Privacy Policy which is in line with the European reference Directive (Directive 95-46 EC) and national legislation (France’s data protection act of 6 January 1978).

Glowbl has therefore submitted a declaration pertaining to the collection and processing of your personal data to France’s national commission for data protection and liberties (C.N.I.L.) (receipt no. 1613849)

When our Services are used, you send us a large amount of personal data, especially via your user profile. We make it our duty to let you know as clearly as possible how these data are processed by our Services.

For details regarding the terms according to which these data are sent to us, please see our Conditions of use.

This Privacy Policy may be updated on a regular basis as our Services and your rights with regard to personal data protection and privacy change. All updates will be shown clearly on this page.

For further information, please contact us at (

What data do we collect?

When you use our Services, we collect the following data types:

Registration and profile data that you give us when you create your account and when it is subsequently updated.

These data are supplied to us whatever registration method is used:

  • in the case of direct registration, you provide us with your surname, first name, username, age, gender and a valid email address;
  • in the case of data recovery via a third-party social network, we directly collect any information you agree to share with us, up to the limit authorised by these third parties.

These registration data are not public by default; you can monitor the data which you choose to make public in your Public profile settings. You are solely responsible for circulating your profile data and you are required to ensure this information is accurate.

User data which are data collected automatically when you sign in to our Services, such as the IP address of your computer.

Data from automatic tracking processes (cookies, tags etc.) which correspond to your user browsing data. These data are collected by our Services on a systematic basis, whether or not the user is registered on our website. You have the option of blocking this automated system by changing the settings of your web browser. This system tells us which pages you have visited, the type of browser you use, the date and time you visited the website as well as the advertising links you may have explored.

Geolocation data which we can access when you sign in to our Services. These may include GPS coordinates or similar information pertaining to your location. However, these data are not visible on your personal profile apart from, subject to your activation, location data provided by the different social networks linked to your Glowbl account and which you can change at any time on these third-party social networks.

How can I monitor my personal data?

You can update your account information at any time by changing your User profile settings. You can also monitor and change your personal information that can be seen in your public profile, i.e. which can be seen by other users, using your Public profile settings.

Data which you provide via third-party social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) are automatically updated on your Glowbl profile. You can choose to block access to your data by a user by removing him or her from your “Friends”, without this change being sent to your other social networks.

Glowbl draws your attention to the accounts of minors. Our platform is not intended for internet users under the age of 13.

Children over the age of 13 are free to use our Services, subject to our Conditions of use. To protect the privacy and personal data of these users as fully as possible, Glowbl has established a special default settings system of the public profile, which is more restrictive than for an older user. However, their use is still subject to checks and monitoring by those who have parental authority over them. In the event that creating and using a minor user account goes against this principle, Glowbl will close the fraudulent account permanently and as quickly as possible.

What is the purpose of processing these data?

The list below is comprehensive and in accordance with the legislative framework applying to internet technical service providers.

Purpose of processing registration data

These data are vital for creating and managing your member account and enable you to benefit from our platform’s functionalities (posting videos online and sharing them, creating groups of contacts, comments and user webcams etc.).

Information enabling you to identify yourself personally (such as your name or email address) can only be used by our Services when you have given your consent to do so, except within the context of a specific programme or function which you can choose to activate or deactivate. We may, however, use your email address for a non-commercial purpose such as circulating our information letters or other notification messages associated with our Services. You can opt not to receive this type of email by unsubscribing from this service .

Purpose of processing user data

User data collected when you sign in to our Services enable us to produce statistics concerning pages looked at on our website (analysis of traffic generated by our platform), to optimise the way our website operates, to improve the quality of our Services, to provide an efficient and suitable service and to make our marketing and advertising campaigns more effective.

Who will receive these data?

All the personal data which enable you to log in are intended exclusively for Glowbl. You accept that your personal data may be divulged in accordance with a law or regulation or on the strength of a decision by a regulatory or legal body concerned.

How are your personal data secured?

Glowbl does everything it can to reduce risks involving loss, damage or improper use of your data. Creating a password when you register for our Services enables you to secure access to your account. To avoid the possibility of automated security breaches when creating your account,

How are your personal data stored?

The information you provide is stored on our servers and processed in Ireland. You are made aware that all your registration and user data may be stored indefinitely on our servers.

You may choose to close your Glowbl account (Close my account) in which case the data associated with it will be removed from our servers within one year from the actual date on which the account was closed. After this time, all data pertaining to you are removed and the username you use is then available for a new user.

Your data and links proposed to third-party websites

In no event can we be held responsible for practices used, especially with regard to privacy, by third-party websites. You accept that our Conditions of use and our Privacy Policy will in no event apply if you access a third-party website using our Services.

Your rights

In accordance with articles 38 et seq of France’s data protection act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, change, rectify and remove data relating to you. You may exercise this right at any time in your User profile settings.

You may also send us a request by email via our contact section or by post, enclosing a form of identity, to the following address: Glowbl, Service support, 81 rue d'Inkermann 69006 LYON, France.

Contact us

You may contact us for any request for information relating to our Privacy Policy, our Conditions of use and our Services by sending us a message to the following email address:

This Privacy Policy comes into effect on 7 September 2012.